You make me want to lick the screen.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet the Pervets

Well hello my sweet pervets. My name is UnintendedFrenzy aka BellaShields on TD. My MILF age is 32. I am perv-a-licious from my head to my toes. I love to make my friends laugh and I always wear a smile. I was pretty much built with no filter...shit just spills out of my mouth ask my pervet sisters. I will forever be in love with all things twilight. I am the author of Gravity that is currently being posted on FanFiction. I love to sing and shake my ass...don't make me get out my pole! My drink of choice is SoCo and Sprite or my fav...a DIRTY Martini. I like to think i'm a pretty hot mama...but for real ppl if my ass looked like that photo I would not be posting on this would be downloading my porn! Oh Edward porn....sweet mother of pearl that is HOT! Poof! OK go meet the other pervets...I have a game of twister calling my name.

Teamedwardalways on TD and FanFic and Vampheart on Twilighted My MILF age is 39 and I am a perm-a-perv trucker (foul mouth beyond normal). I am the author of I Plead the Fifth (completed) and Sex, Distractions and Rock n Roll both on FF and Twilighted. I enjoy my smut just like my perma sistas as well as getting marked every once in a while. I love all things Twilight, especially when it's wrapped up in lemony goodness. My hubs thinks I'm obsessed but he benefits from it! Trust me!

Hey, I'm Red! My MILF age is 34 years old and I am obsessed with all things Twilight. I am a Twi-Obsessed freak by admission and I am proud of it!! I'm also the author of two FanFics, Shattered and Shrouded (which is an emotional read) and Finding Fate (which is not for everyone - only true pervs). I enjoy reading some fuckawesome lemons as much as the other, or maybe even more. *shy grin*giggle* I couldn't survive in this world without my TwiSisters and would literally die without my perv pack! I LOVE YOU LADIES! So, enjoy our blog and let us know what you think. *big hugs*firm ass grabs all around* *giggle*snort*

Hi All!! I am Trippy, a.k.a. KKitten. I am a Perm-A-Perver for life! My MILF age is 34 and I am also on TD. My favorite drink is cranberry and vodka which means I never have a UTI!!! OH! Is that TMI??? I am so happy to have found my Perv sisters through Twilight. For the past year and a half, Twilight and FF has been my life! I have made some amazing friends through our love for this saga. My sisters and their friendship rock my world!!! I am your typical soccer, football, gymnastics, and dance mom. If I couldn't read FF on my phone I would die. I have no writing skills and most of the time I misspell my own name. I have not written a FF and I never will, but I am always looking for a good story to pimp. That's why I am the offical pimper of the group. My favorite FF is Clipped Wings & Inked Armor. It changed my life. I have to say the most "educational" FF I have read so far is Master of the Universe. You can see both of these FF's listedbelow. Ican't begin to tell you how happy I am to be part of this blog!! I can't wait to see what this perm-a-perve journey brings.

My name is Bunny! I am the TD posting queen of all things twilight. Although I am not an author I do my fair share of reading. If you want to know the stories to come to me. These are my fellow pervets and we rock this bitch like no other.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Well Hello my fellow PERVS! I would like to take a moment to say TY for joining this little blog of perv fuckery. We are so excited...Twilight Disorder is what brought the 5 pervets together and we hope you will enjoy our pervatious minds.

We will blog about anything and everything that has perv-appeal. Our love for the twi-saga has brough us to FanFiction and Twilighted. There are soooooo many amazing Authors that have us on our toes waiting and begging for more every week.
There are a few of us that have our own stories. Next post will introduce the Pervets....So grab a libation (haha love that word) and let us tickle your fancy.